Betbotpro for Betfair User Manual - Streaming API
  Nov 2023
  • Introduction


Welcome to the Betbotpro software and thank you for having the foresight to purchase or trial this software. I’m sure you will be extremely pleased once you start seeing the potential of the software and how it can help you in taking daily amounts from Betfair much more consistently.
I initially designed the software from a quest to find strategies that worked in the greyhound racing market. Liquidity doesn’t enter the market until a few minutes before the race start and so you had to be at your PC to place a bet or monitor the race. Now there are other applications out there but they are usually only available for expensive recurring monthly fees so I wasn’t interested. I decided to design my own program with the functions I required and here is the result of many years work.
This will be just the beginning and hopefully based on your feedback we can improve the bot software and include other new features.
Please make sure you read everything so you understand the functions and operation of the software fully. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or use the forum via the members area.
The secret to success is not being greedy, accepting a sensible profit target everyday depending on your risk and bank available & limit your losses. Losses are inevitable but if you treat it like a business, they are simply business expenses. Aiming to be profitable in the longer term is what you’re after, finding that edge.
One thing you will notice when running the software is that profits can build up quickly. Remember they can also be taken away quickly so don’t get greedy and take your profit and call it a day.
There are so many strategies you can use it’s impossible to cover all of them. You can use your own system, or simply follow a tipster’s recommendation. You could also lay the tips given by a back to win tipster that has a terrible record.
With greyhounds you can lay the dog with the fastest time, slowest time etc. by looking at the form cards on or Betfair. You could lay all dogs in Trap1 or lay all favourite dogs between certain odds. The choice is really endless.
I hope you enjoy the software.
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