5 March 2015
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Sorry for the delay in updates:

We have been putting up updates almost weekly to fix some issues. This last few weeks we have been dealing with loading of markets and other sports. We are basically finished and just need to sort out another few issues, then we will be able to load most markets and events available on Betfair.

Initially not all markets could be loaded and when loading markets like soccer and greyhounds some markets were missing. This is now sorted.

Keep checking the members area for updates over the next few days.

There are still plenty or things to fix, bug wise but we are getting there, slowly but surely.

2 responses on “Testing Update

  1. Jack says:

    You said that if I buy now, I will be buying the beta version downloadable available in the members area. Doesn’t that put my money at a risk since I am using a software with bugs?

    • BBP Team says:

      Hi Jack
      It is for users to use at their own risk as always. We always try to make sure the software is useable before releasing it. On the other hand your money is always at risk when using third party tools no matter how well we test the system as there are so many combinations of uses.