Betbotpro for Betfair API-NG Update

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8 January 2015
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Betbotpro API-NG Update 8th Jan 2015

After submitting Betbotpro v5 to Betfair earlier this week for initial approval we are awaiting their reply. They do not usually take too long, usually around 5 days. The software as it stands is still under going testing and there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out so it is not ready […]

4 December 2014
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Betbotpro for Betfair API-NG Update

Hi All We posted this in the members area a few days ago: Hi All Just a note to say we are still progressing with Betbotpro for API-NG. We are about 80% there and we will post more regularly now to keep you updated. We are not out of business and never have been, we […]