Can you almost guarantee a profit per race, even with a few losers?

You can using the Profit Per race staking plan when backing selections
in Betbotpro.

Could be used with your own picks or favourites between certain odds.

Take a look at how it works.


4 responses on “Profit Per Race Staking

  1. Andrew Gredziak says:

    I have not been notified of the latest update. Could you please send me the link.

  2. john and lou says:

    im setting my bot to recover but there is only recover 100% over 1 bet were old version let you recover 20% over 5 bets can you help or point me in the right direction thanks

    • markscs says:

      Are you backing or laying? When backing you can always only have 1 bet. When laying you can have multiple bets.