New Beta version available for Betfair

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18 March 2015
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There is a new version of the beta software available in the members area for Betfair.

There is a new market event loading system so now you should have no problem downloading all events

in soccer, greyhounds, horses, handball, rugby or whatever. It is faster too to load to so that should be a big improvement on the last version.

Also a few stability fixes have been made along with bugs. There is still a list of issues we need to sort but now we have improved the market loading we can start to work on those.

BBP Team

9 responses on “New Beta version available for Betfair

  1. paul says:

    Hi how do i load uk markets iam based in australia

    • BBP Team says:

      Please email support for any issues you are having.
      But basically just click load new markets, choose GB for the country and then horses.

  2. Rodney Gorman says:

    Hello There

    I’ve just changed my computer, is there any problem in getting betbotpro and laybotpro onto it.


    Rodney of Beverley

    • BBP Team says:

      You can de-activate your old licenses or let us know by email support so we can do it. You can then re-activate the license on the new pc.

  3. i cant log into site its telling me theres a connection error ever since it was down for repair

  4. Kerrin Brown says:


    I was using the 4.2.103 model before we started having problems. When everything is fixed with Betfair, am I able to use that system again?


    Kerrin Brown