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You can download the software again or simply activate the trial version you have already installed. You will have been emailed your activation code separately after payment confirmation. Your Codes are also available in the members area.

1) Download and save the software to your PC/desktop

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2) Grab the User Manuals , please take the time to read it. It’s worth it!

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3) Watch the intro videos here:

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4) If you need any help visit our frequently asked questions at:

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5) If you still need any help simply email support or contact us

BetBotPRO is a leading edge software tool to automate your betting. The strategies you can use are limitless and very powerful.

You could lay or back certain horses/traps, certain courses, random selections, look at form and timings, use a third party system or use one of the many tipsters available. You can even use the simulation mode to test your own strategies.

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