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Here’s a new video showing you how to easily lay greyhounds with a few twists.

It takes you through loading the greyhound markets, selecting the race meetings, setting the staking, selecting the 1st favourite in a race and more.

Hope you enjoy!

Watch it here

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4 responses on “Lay Betting on Greyhounds

  1. P says:

    Tried this Saturday night. Looking good until 4 losers on the trot
    To analyse this, I exported to excel. Trouble is, you don’t show the odds, just the profit or loss. Makes it difficult to analyse having to go to the s/ life results to check the races. It would be useful to have the odds taken as well as the loss or profit actually in the spread sheet or PDF file. All the settings were as in the video. To see if this is viable with some tweaks would be easier if I can see what odd were taken.

  2. crispione says:

    I’m thinking of buying BetBotPro, and am interested in laying on clear favourites only. In BetBotPro, if you set the criteria to “1st Favourite”, will it back only a clear favourite, or will it split the stake if there are joint or co favourites?
    If it splits the stake, Is there a way of setting the criteria so that only a clear favourite is layed?

    • markscs says:

      You can set extra scenarios to specify what odds the 2nd fav should be etc. So if betting on favs between 2 and 3 for example you could set only bet if 2nd fav is greater than > 3

      It will only bet on one selection it determines to be the fav. If the odds are exactly the same as the second fav then the first in the list will be chosen. This is rare though as odds are not often identical.

      BBP Team