Important Information: Betfair AUS Wallet Removal

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7 September 2016
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From Betfair

On 20th September we will be removing the separate AUS wallet on the Exchange, so that all customers will only have one, main wallet. You will no longer have to transfer funds to your AUS wallet to bet on Australian & New Zealand events.

All funds that are left in the AUS wallet on 20th September will be automatically transferred into the main wallet, during this transfer you will not be able to access, use or withdraw these funds. In order to prevent this temporary loss of access, we recommend that you move your funds out of your AUS wallet before 20th September.

Matched bets on Australian and New Zealand long running markets (futures/antepost) placed with AUS wallet funds will be transferred during the migration to equivalent markets on the global exchange. The Main Wallet will be used for the settlement of these markets and they will be regulated under the Northern Territory Racing Commission. For any disputes under the Northern Territory Racing Commission, please click here. Bet History for bets that have been migrated to the Main Wallet will no longer be located within the AUS Wallet area. These bets and all future bets will be found within the Main Wallet section of the Bet History search.

If you have any questions regarding the migration, your funds or any open bets you feel may be affected by the above then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our helpdesk here.


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