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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When i login to betfair i get Unauthorised - Invalid vendor ID?

A: This is because your Betfair username is not registered. Please contact support for help.

Q: How do I install the software?

A: All you need to do is download the setup program and run the installer. Then just double click the desktop shortcut to start it. You will then need to activate the software with your activation code. Then simply login to betfair using your Betfair username and password.

Q: Can I run more than one bot instance on the same PC?

A: Yes you can, simply click the desktop shortcut to start another instance. Check the manual to learn more about this. You can run them on the same Betfair account or multiple betfair accounts. Please be aware of Betfair data charges, see the question below.

Q: Can i run the software on another PC, like my laptop? A: The license is on a per PC basis. If you need an additional PC license you can get one at 50% of the cost from the members area.

A: The license is on a per PC basis. If you need an additional PC license you can get one at 50% of the cost from the members area.

Q: Why are bets not being placed in my betfair account?

A: This could be due to not reloading races after you change modes from sim to live mode. Check the status at the top of the software as to what mode your in. There could also be a coloured square which when you hover your mouse over it will tell you what filter blocked the bet.

Q: Will the software go in play?

A: Not currently but may do in the future. It does allow any unmatched bets already placed before the off to go inplay and try and get matched. It wont place new bets in play.

Q: My bot instance has crashed, how do i reset it?

A: Should the software not be shut down correctly an instance may be locked for some reason. You can unlock the instance by clicking the instance manager on the login box, then choose the locked instance and right click to unlock it. You can also create new instances or delete & rename instances via the instance manager.

Q: Will the software back and lay at the same time?

A: No it will only bet in lay mode or back mode on the loaded races. But you can run multiple bots, one laying, one backing etc.

Q: Will the software exceed Betfairs data limits and incur charges?

A: Not in normal circumstances. It is not a trading platform and as such has a low request/sec. If you use other software or multiple bots you could exceed Betfairs limits. 20 requests/sec is the limit. You can check the requests/sec the bot is using at the bottom of the application. usually 2-3 bot instances at a time will be fine.

Q: Are there any limitations on the trial version?

A: No. It is a fully working version of the software, the only limit is time of the trial.

Q: I don't use Betfair, do you have a Betdaq version?

A: Yes, just go to the Betdaq pages on the website to take a trial or purchase the Betdaq version.

Q: How do i purchase the software?

A: Simply follow the links on the software or website and enter your details. You can pay via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

Q: How do I enable .net 3.5 in Win 8/8.1?

You have to have Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed for the software to work. Please see here for how to install it on Win 8/8.1 http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh506443(v=vs.110).aspx

Q: I get a connection error, there is no valid connection with the internet message?

This is due to Betfair being down or that your security software is blocking the access from the software. Please llow the software through your security firewall.