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Very pleased with Betbotpro, i wanted some way of betting a percentage of my current bank on my next bet but that is impossible to do if your not watching and betting in live markets this solves my problems for me and i can go off to work knowing the right amount will go on each selection without watching over it when i come home i can quickly look to see how my selections got on, thanks this has been a great step forward in my betting technique


Betbotpro for Betfair is being re-developed for the new Betfair Streaming API. We are currently testing on a Beta release. Once we are happy it will be officially released.
If you are interested in purchasing the current version including any future versions then please contact us
Betbotpro for Betdaq is also being modernised inline with the Betfair version. Again it is in testing and you can still get the current version.

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  • BetBotPRO – Software License for your PC
  • Betbotpro for Betfair v5 API-NG (Currently Beta Testing only)
  • Betbotpro for Betdaq v4.2 – You can run both Betfair & Betdaq versions at the same time!
  • All Future updates of the Software
  • FREE Unlimited Email Technical Support
  • FREE Video Tutorials – to get you up & running fast
  • FREE Special Report – Access your home PC desktop from any internet PC/smartphone/tablet/ipad

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