Betbotpro for Betdaq Trial

Welcome to the trial - you'll get a full 7 days full use of the software

Betbotpro trial

Step 1. - Microsoft .NET 4.8 is Required - Please check you have Microsoft's .NET 4.8 Runtime installed, the software needs it to run.  
If you have Win 8 or 10 or newer you will likely already have this. It will tell you anyway if you try and install.

Step 2. - You will also need a valid Betdaq account with funds in place. Open an account here :  

Step 3. - Download and save the software to your PC/desktop, then run the installer .
(To Download Right Click with your mouse and “Save As”)

Once installed ,start the software, enter your email and request a trial token.
When you get the token via email, simply enter the token and register it by clicking the Register Token button.

Step 4. - View the User Manual , please take the time to read it. It’s worth it!  

Step 5. - Watch the Quick Start  videos here or below To Get Started

Step 6. - Enjoy the free trial, any questions just contact us.

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