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Horse Racing Place Market Bets+

Example: Horse Racing Place Market

BetBotPRO is a fully approved Betfair & Betdaq API solution software that runs on your computer and connects directly to the Betfair or Betdaq servers. The bot will move sequentially through the days events that have been loaded depending on your selections and criteria set.

You can load many different types of event such as Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Snooker! Plus Basketball or what ever Betfair & Betdaq have available on it’s betting exchanges. (Betdaq version currently only uses Horses & Greyhounds)

It will only place bets if the odds, number of runners and other criteria are with in your set range. If a selection doesn’t fit with in your ranges a bet will not be placed and the software will move on to the next race.

You can choose to select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. favourites OR named individual selections in a race. You can also apply various staking plans depending on your preference.

You can also run special strategies to customise the selection process.

You can use your own systems or strategies or use tipsters to get your selections. You can even test out systems or tipsters using the powerful simulation mode to simulate results.

Tipster services can send out their bets in a small text file so when their customers load races all selections are already chosen.

Once you get used to using this great software you’ll never want to bet any other way.

The Bot will place your bets for you at a predetermined time before the race starts. It will then only place the bet if the odds are with in the range you set and certain conditions are met.

You can decide on various staking plans to use such as fixed level stakes, % of bank, fixed liability & % bank liability. You can also choose to recover a loss over the next few races. ie. 25% of the loss over the next 4 races.

Other great features include stop loss and stop profit levels. These settings allow the bot to stop when either your stop loss amount is triggered or you reach your profit target for the day.

Greyhounds are notoriously difficult to predict so all you need is a few of these to lose and you’re on your way to raking in daily cash. There is normally racing everyday from 11am until 10pm with 60+ races.

You can even test out the tipster services, laying systems or your own strategies by using the fantastic simulation mode, which works exactly as normal but doesnt actually place the bets, so you can see how successful the strategy is, with out risking a penny!

Or try your strategy for real using small stakes as low as 10p.


Football Lay Bets+

Example: Lay bets on the soccer markets

Quic Start Betfair Software+

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