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  • Further i would like to thank you for developing this software. I am using a system that i developed and takes me the whole day and i have to be in the computer for the whole period of the races. No matter that i was not able to operate your software yet i know that i can implement my system using your software spending no more than 20 minutes a day and still be in profit at the end of every betting cycle.



  • Used the trial yesterday and was very impressed, especially by its simplicity. Have purchased the full licence today and it has already paid for itself. I hope that it will make long term profits." Thank you.


  • First off, I would like to congratulate you on successfully developing such a great piece of software. I love the fact that it's so easy to use... when I first fired it up, in just a few minutes I was away! Also, it has really opened my eyes to the opportunity of laying greyhounds as with BetBotPro you don't need to be at the computer all day. I'm even considering introducing my clients to the software to help automate their daily betting.

    Kieren (CEO) - ExactRacing.co.uk

  • I am extremely impressed and pleased with your BetBotPRO system that I have bought the full version after the end of the trial period and as far as I am concerned it is worth every penny. Thank you for letting me try it out first and I look forward to placing my bets every day before I go to work. Kind regards

    Paul Burns

  • BetBotPRO is a masterpiece, its quick and easy to set up and now I wont miss a bet again or take the wrong odds.Thanks for designing it. I will actually be pleased to send you the money! Regards,


  • I think it is great. Easy to use, nice to look at, good functionality. cheers,


  • I've just signed up to the BetBotPRO software today and I would like to say thank you for an excellent program. I gamble full-time on horses and I like to try lots of different systems. I have all kinds of software programs and your laying software is one of the best I've ever used. It is very simple and effective and your e-mail with the tutorial made my mind up to give it a go. This program will save me a lot of time and enable me to lay horses at the price I want without having to sit in front of my computer. It also allows me time to concentrate on watching and backing the horses I need to do to turn a daily profit. I will recommend this program to a friend of mine who owns and runs a gambling bookshop in London. I always let him know of any good programs and this one is definitely one to follow....Thanks again for your e-mail this morning which I received and for once, I am very pleased to have signed up.   All the best

    John Gordon

  • Wow what can i say, I think young man, that you have created a monster, with the new version of BetBotPRO.

    I have been testing it now for 1 week, and "Iimpressed" is an understatement. I would go as far as to say that you have created a piece of software that will knock the stuffing out of ALL the others that are available on the market.

    Not to mention the unease that bookies may feel towards this piece of technology...

    Gratefully yours


  • I have been using your bot and I have to say amazing. It does exactly what it says no questions. Simple and effective. Many Thanks

    Rob Miller, UK