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23 February 2013
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A Brand new betting software for use on the Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges makes betting on hundreds of races worldwide a sinch. Easily bet on races around the world even if your away from your PC or while you’re at work!

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2 responses on “Betfair Software

  1. philip payne says:

    Can your bot be programmed from an I phone to ones computer if you’re out and about during a particular race or races?
    Kind regards,
    Philip payne

    • markscs says:

      Hi Philip
      The bot runs on a Windows PC, this could also be a virtual private server that you rent or server in the cloud.

      You can login remotely to any PC or server from any device in most cases using various ways.

      One way is using the rdp protocol. There are usually apps for this available for IOS or Android from the itunes/play stores etc.

      Another way is to use a service like to remotely connect to your PC’s/servers.

      Hope this helps.
      Mark & Rob