Betfair Login Issue Update

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29 July 2015
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An update on the situation:

Betfair made a change to their api on 27th July 2015. After this change users experienced login issues with the Betbotpro software so the change had a breaking effect on the software.

Although the change was known to be in the pipeline we were told they would give 10 days notice before the change would take affect. Previous communication had been via email so we expected notice by email. Instead the notice was given via the betfair forum so were not aware of it happening.

But we now have someone working on the issue as well as trying to fix some of the other reported issues in the software so we are hopeful of releasing a fix with in the next week. It will take a little while for our new programmer to get up to speed hence the slightly longer delay.

Please keep an eye on the blog for more news. We will post a new version in the members area when it is ready.

7 responses on “Betfair Login Issue Update

  1. Bob Eley says:

    Yet another set back . Only you lot at BBP could do this and out you come with all your old reasons why its not your fault. Bob

  2. kevin says:

    I know its not your fault but keep up the good work and I know you will do all you can to sort it out

  3. Daniel says:

    Can’t you get the old programmer back.
    Does the new programmer know what he is doing ?
    I’ve been bragging to my friends about how good this bot is,and now I feel a right twonk,because they can’t get on it.

  4. kevin says:

    just wondering how it going in fixing betbotpor

    • BBP Team says:

      We should have an update out tomorrow

      • Jack says:

        You have mentioned that the update (which addresses the login issue as well as some other fixes) will be ready by today but we have yet to receive anything from you. Don’t tell me your programmer is missing again? Please list down all the issues that are supposed to be fixed in your version update.