Betfair delay API-6 cut-off

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4 November 2014
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Betfair have announced a delay in the cuttoff to api-6. The initial date was 2nd Nov 2014. The new date is 10th Nov.

This gives a little more time for us to fix the new API-NG version but due to some difficult technical issues we are likely to be delayed in introducing the new software by a few weeks.

Please note all current software versions will stop working on Nov 10th 2014.


We will keep you updated as developments happen and apologise for any interruptions to your software.


The BBP Team


Dear Software Vendor,


Further to our earlier announcements and owing to a requirement from Betfair Australia, the retirement of API 5.0 & 6.0 has been delayed and this will now take place on Monday 10th November 2014 (GMT timezone).


Sunday 9th November 2014 will be the final day of full service on API 5.0 & 6.0


We strongly recommend that no attempts are made to access API 5.0 & 6.0 on the 10th November.


To ensure a smooth transition, we request that all vendors complete the migration of at least 50% of their total customer base by the 2nd November


We would like to thank all software vendors for their patience & support during the migration period.


Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above.



36 responses on “Betfair delay API-6 cut-off

  1. David says:

    So does this mean that i can’t run the software from the 10th of november? If so when will i be able to start using the software again?

  2. Michael says:

    Any news on when the update will be available? All other betfair software has already been updated to run with the new API. I cannot believe you guys are so far behind.

  3. David says:

    I tried to activate the BetBotPro tonight & all attempts failed. Are there any other applications online which will allow me to interface with Betfair? I live in Australia. Do I need to emigrate to a jurisdiction which will allow me to interface with Betfair without delay? I am not willing to wait for BetBotPro to ‘fix’ the problem. What is a vendor & who are they? What does ‘complete the migration’ mean? This is a potential disaster & major inconvenience for me. can anyone help?

  4. nigel hodson says:

    Do you when we will be able to run and use betbotpro again a timescale would be great thank you

  5. Al says:

    Eagerly awaiting update on this. Please advise ASAP. Thanks

  6. Paul says:

    Any idea of timing? Every day I am not trading is a day where I loose money the opportunity to make money………you have my money for a service that now is obsolete!!!

    • markscs says:

      We are ourselves extremely upset with the delay. We envisage the new software to be 3-4 weeks away. Please email support for alternatives. Also check your members area email details are up to date and correct as we have emailed members several times regarding this and the options available.

  7. Tony says:

    I just paid 150 bucks for Betbotpro and it’s not even working why did they take my money?
    Why not tell me try in 3-4 weeks when it’s working!

  8. nigel hodson says:

    Good recent comments I think we do now need to know when and if this software will be up and running again last Monday they said 3/4 weeks so now are we talking 2/3 weeks no update from BBP. Under the sales of goods act we are entitled to a refund, BF Bot Manager is up and running fine on we good all use the refund to purchase BF Bot Manager. The blog on this site due to the delay should in my opinion be updated daily as plenty of notice was given to BBP they need to get this up and running or start refunding now this is a joke.

  9. David says:

    Im finding this period very frustrating, I was using the software very successfully, And i pay on average anything from £50.00 – £200.00 a day in commission to betfair, And in turn my discount rate comes down accordingly, During this time it is not possible to place all these bets manually, So i cannot pay the same commission to betfair, And my discount rate will go backwards after the weekly decay, If this software is down for 4 weeks, Then 4 weeks of weekly decay will be well over a £1500 of commission points alone, And my discount rate will drop down accordingly with my commission points, This set back is going to pretty much cost me a few thousand pounds to say the least, And the only thing that i was offered as consolation for this period, Was a trial period of autotradingfox which is a very basic software that cant do what i require from a software so i cant use it, And a copy of bbp for betdaq, Which again is very basic compared to the betfair version, And again i cant do with that software what i need to do so i cant use it, I have no choice but to accept that someone has messed up some where from bbp as why are all other softwares up and running with betfairs new api so soon and bbp is so far behind, I have no choice but to accept this and be patient for the new version, I would just appreciate some regular updates from bbp As to an actual date as to when the the updated version will be ready for it’s paying customers, Not just to constantly told Oh where sorry, these things happen, We will have an update in about 3 – 4 Weeks, Well is this now 2 – 3 weeks, Or still 3 – 4 weeks?

    • Michael says:

      Hello David , I replied once to your post a few days ago and it seems it has been deleted .
      I just suggested using the Betfair Holiday option on your “My Account “page which should cancel out the weekly decay .
      Although I am not sure about a limit on the number of weeks you can do this for .
      I have selected 2 weeks only .
      Also I was interested in how can you make enough profit to pay such a big commission ?

    • markscs says:

      Can you contact support to see if we can offer an alternative?

  10. Ola Nordmann says:

    At least you got an offer David. I havent recived one single mail or anything. Just one day it didnt work. No emails for alternative software or anything..

    I am a betbotpro user for life. Been a customer for a while. I thought there would be a bit service. I have cheked my latest email is wat is registered at Betbot pro. So no excuses there…

  11. shane fisher says:

    can someone please tell us how far away we are

  12. bob eley says:

    Hi all we get is how upset bbp are and it will be 3 to 4 weeks, will soon be Christmas and it will still be another 3 to 4 weeks.
    Stop ignoring us and tell us what is going on.

  13. Michael says:

    To Pay such a commission David ,you must be raking it in .On the Betfair My Account page can’t you go on a holiday ?
    This should stop the decay in your discount .
    So how do you win ?

    • David says:

      Hi Michael you would think that i’m raking it in but in all honesty i’m not, I’ve found that to show consistant profit from betfair is very difficult, I am in no doubt that what i do on with the software is correct, But betfair basically rob all of your profits with there commision rate and then rob you again with weekly decay, i don’t think it’s possible to make profit until you reach a discount rate of about maybe 3% and you won’t get this until you have reached 80,000 points, That’s £8000 from you profits plus all of the weekly decay that you have paid. I would estimate that betfair would have taken about £12,000 – £15,000 from your profit before you reach a commission rate of 3%.
      If i was on 0% commission rate then yes i’d be raking it in, But i’m currently in the process of betfair taking all of my profits and trying to improve my discount rate ect…..

  14. Scag says:

    Please may we all have ETA of the new software
    A up date please today Friday 21/11/14

    • markscs says:

      We are about 80% there and will issue an update on the blog during the next day or so.

    • David says:

      Sorry it’s 80,000 points for a 2.5% commission rate but it’s still very difficult to show profit when betfair are taking so much money from you, I also e mailed them asking how they can justify there weekly decay which also makes bringing down your commission rate even more difficult,
      They stated that the weekly decay is there to keep for people to keep there accounts active, So i stated then that the weekly decay should only take effect on accounts that are inactive for a period of time. You pay betfair out of your profit for points and then at the end of each week the take 15% of your overall points for no reason at all, Well the only reason i see is to keep the customer on a higher commission rate for a longer period so that they continue to take a higher ammount of it’s customers profits. And it slows down the customer from reaching a better discount rate as each week they lose there points ect….

  15. John says:

    Could we please have a Estimated time that the software will be up and running??.

  16. Andy says:

    Can you please update us to when this API situation is expected to be resolved?

  17. Ian Barnfield says:

    People (like me) are getting extremely frustrated. All we want is real time updates and the truth as to what is happening and when or this ever going to be resolved.

  18. Andrew says:

    Hi team,
    I know it’s a difficult time at the moment but any news on when you think we will be up and running again?
    thanks you


    • markscs says:

      Hi All
      Sorry for the delay in responding.
      We are still progressing and are about 80% their. I will put an update on the blog in the next day or so.

      BBP Team