Betfair AUS Exchange API Endpoint Retirement Update

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7 September 2016
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Please see the next post regarding what Betbotpro users should do regarding this update.


BBP team

Dear Software Vendor,

Please see the following update regarding the retirement on the AUS Exchange endpoint:

Betfair is about to complete a major project that is designed to improve our service offering to our customers.

This involves removal the AUS Exchange endpoint. This means that customers who currently access Betfair markets directly via the public Australian API endpoint will need to change application code to access the Global (UK) Betting API endpoint directly for AUS/NZ based markets.

Once the migration is complete the Australian Betting & Accounts API endpoint will no longer be operational.

It is expected that this migration will occur no earlier than 13th September 2016. Further information regarding the planned migration will be communicated to you during the week starting 29th August 2016.

Key points for developers:

  • New AUS Exchange markets will be created with a “1.” prefix and will be returned alongside existing Exchange markets via the Betting API filterable using the AUS/NZ country code.
  • The Accounts API AUS wallet will be retired and all funds will be held in a single Global Exchange wallet accessible for the Global (UK) Accounts API endpoint.
  • Following the migration date, the API will fail gracefully with any request for data to the AUS Exchange returning a response with no data (rather than an HTTP error).
  • As a result of this change, AUS/NZ markets will be made available via the Stream API.
  • Test markets will be made available prior to the migration date to allow developers to access AUS/NZ test markets via the Global endpoint. We’ll provide details of these markets as soon as they become available via the BDP forum thread

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Kind Regards


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