Betbotpro Update API-NG 14 Jan 2015

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15 January 2015
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We are still awaiting feedback from Betfair on our initial submission for security vetting of the app.

We are continuing to test the app and fix any bugs we see. There is still some work to do on the reliability  but we hope to release a version soon for beta testing by members.

7 responses on “Betbotpro Update API-NG 14 Jan 2015

  1. David Green says:

    I can’t wait to get the trusted bot back.

    The Betdaq bot has Kingcora winning races at Market Rasen and Meydan simultaneously!

    Even with the bot set to UK only , not only does it list the races for Meydan , it even laid a favourite there thinking it is in UK.

    The ATF is an OK substitute but has to be used as Betdaq limits can’t be avoided – or at least I still can’t find a way.

    ATF does not use racecard numbers or files to load from. Betting plans and loading races requires filters to be loaded for each instance so it takes considerably longer but otherwise not a bad bit of kit.

    True 15 January 15:20 Market Rasen 1 Kingcora
    True 15 January 15:20 Meydan Race 2 1 Kingcora
    True 15 January 15:30 Ludlow 7 Scorpiancer
    True 15 January 15:40 Wincanton 7 Toowoomba 7 Toowoomba 1.01
    True 15 January 15:50 Market Rasen 2 Steel Summit 2 Steel Summit 1.01
    True 15 January 15:55 Meydan Race 3 5 Layl
    True 15 January 16:00 Ludlow 1 Armchair Theatre 1 Armchair Theatre 1.10
    True 15 January 16:10 Wincanton 8 Thistlecrack 8 Thistlecrack 1.01
    True 15 January 16:25 Wolverhampton 5 Grosmont 5 Grosmont 1.01
    True 15 January 16:30 Meydan Race 4 2 Maftool 6 Mubtaahij 2 Maftool|ML1.00@1.75 1.00

    It makes no real difference to me now that I’ve found out but at bigger stakes someone may get a shock.

  2. Robby says:

    Starting to sound a bit more hopeful of an end product.

  3. archie says:

    Reading a lot of the comments, it does kind of leave me a bit perplexed. Yes BBP have probably well certainly really, messed up a bit, but tbh doesnt the fact that those of you who are so desperate to get the bot back running, tell you something, and the fact that you cant find anything else to do the job as well as bbp tell you something. maybe its a more complex beast than some other bots, hence the delay and maybe its worth waiting for. just an observation anyhow good luck all.

    • bobeley says:

      If the old bot had been recoded to work on the new Betfair setting, we could still be useing it.
      Betbotpro could then have bumbled about with it’s new version for months and months without really annoying their costomers.

  4. fred ayres says:

    Archie ,
    The reason people want BBP back is simple. The’ve paid for it, it belongs to them, IE the people that have paid for the product.

    It would’nt matter if betdaq bot was any good, betdaq is useless,unless your betting in pennies.

  5. archie says:

    disagree fred, i bought a lifetime membership to a gym, that closed many years ago. what do you expect BBP to do if the current owners retire, die and become ill, take out a court order forcing them to continue, or ask for compensation lets say after 20 years use, because the product ceases to exist in 2035 for example. It doesnt belong to you anyway, you have bought a “licence” ??? i am not happy like you are not, but I have been offered alternatives from them free, and they are trying to fix things, to me you are just being a little bit intolerant, but thats your right, so good luck with your endeavours…