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27 June 2014
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Many users ask us all the time if we can recommend any systems and our answer is always no generally.

But we wanted to let all our users know of the new system available by

Their Layer Slayer system seems to be doing very well. It is a backing system.

The ‘Full Ratings’ service selects two horses per race, the TopRated and NextBest. These are the two horses with the highest speedratings. What they recommend subscribers should do, is to back only the TopRated and/or NextBest selections if their odds are between two limits. This is where BetBotPRO fits in nicely, as it will place the bets automatically so that subscribers do not need to be sat in front of their PC’s all day.

If you go to the website at and click on the ‘LayerSlayer’ tab. That should tell you everything you need to know. They have a settings file you can download for Betbotpro also making the setup very easy. You then download the selections everyday and import them into the software. How easy is that!

The ratings are free every Wednesday, so you should be able to try it out with out subscribing. They launched the ‘Layer Slayer’ system on 1st June and as you will see from the proofing to it is proving to be EXTREMELY profitable in it’s first month. You can view the profits at:-

Currently their profits stand at 202pts based on 1pt stakes, so that’s a profit of £2,020 based on £10 stakes.
Yesterday we gave it a go. We started at around 4pm so a bit late but the results were great as you can see.
Worth a look atleast….


17 responses on “Betbotpro & Layer Slayer System

  1. Rob says:

    Can you please explain why the racing index proofing and your screen shot have different selections for 26th June? you show a at least 5 winners after 4pm and the racing index results only show one for the whole day?
    Surely if you ran the system as per the layerslayer’s recommendations then you should have the same results as proofed?

    Is there something we should be aware of?



    • markscs says:

      We will check this with speedratings, but all we did was load the file they sent us for the day.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Mark, Looks very interesting. Trying to understand the screenshot above. The market bets window suggests that if both horses qualify you back them both. Is that right? If yes, then is the current point stake split automatically or does each selection get a point stake?
    Are the speed ratings their own or industry standard? Like the site look and feel BTW 🙂


  3. Tim says:

    Well I just picked myself off the floor. Not because of the advised system, but that someone from BBP actually posted something. All be it because there’s money in it for them, but hey at least we know there is someone around even though they have never seemed to have ever posted on the forums despite numerous requests. Looks like this is the only way members will him from you, but good to know there is actually someone around.

    • markscs says:

      Hi Tim
      The forum is run by members for members, we rarely visit it or comment.
      We do not make anything from speedratings. You do not even need to use Betbotpro to use the speedratings selections.

  4. Howard says:

    The settings for this system only allow for minimum bets of £2. The minimum odds are set at a certain figure so that if you used £2 bets then the amount shown above as wins would be higher wouldn’t they? Are you using the settings given by speedratings or your own?

  5. Paul, we generate our own unique speedratings for all horses racing in the UK and Republic of Ireland and if both selections qualify for ‘Layer Slayer’, yes you back them both.

    Rob, BBP have displayed a screenshot of a few of our winning selections for the day, these are correct but only selections with BSP prices between 13.5 and 66.0 are selected by our ‘Layer Slayer’ system.

    LATEST NEWS – We are delighted to announce that the ‘Layer Slayer’ system (in it’s very first month) is now #Number 1 TIPSTER SERVICE as confirmed by proofing website for the period 1st June 2014 – 30th June 2014.beating over 124 rival tipster services to take this prestigious crown! Absolutely routing our rivals with a massive VBP (Variable Bet Profit) total!

    Check out the monthly leaderboard at:-

  6. Daniel says:


    I’m trying out your software in Simulation Mode, and wanted to test a Fixed Stake Greydog system. Since it’s still early in the day I went for the Australian races. However, despite setting my stake to £2, the “Next Stake”-textbox says Next Stake (AUS) £200.

    Is this a bug or a feature that I can’t understand?


  7. 67pts profit to 1pt stakes on Thursday, 17th July for Layer Slayer system powered by BetBotPRO! – PROOFED to

  8. Another 39pts profit to 1pt stakes on Saturday, 19th July for Layer Slayer system powered by BetBotPRO! – PROOFED to

  9. Update: 6th August, this the 3rd month for our ‘Layer Slayer’ system powered by BetBotPRO and already 340pts profit to 1pt level stakes! Proofed to at:-

    A great day yesterday, ending with 92pts profit and 419% profit on turnover! Proofed to at:-

  10. Jordan says:

    Whilst your June was really good (Layer Slayer), your July was less so, and August has been pretty bad for you guys with 4.8% success rate… does this happen throughout the year? Do your poor months wipe out your good months, assuming I start with small £2 stakes?

    Also, your service is on neither the 3 month, 6 month or 12 month top 10 service comparisons, and you’re only proofed back to June..quite misleading

  11. Hi Jordan, the reason why we were not ranking on the 3 month proofing leaderboard was because we had not yet proofed three months results having launched our ‘Layer Slayer’ service on 1st June 2014. You will find that we currently rank in the top 5 out of over 120 tipster services, you can verify this at:-

  12. It’s OFFICIAL ‘Layer Slayer’ is the NUMBER 1 Tipster Service as confirmed by –