Betbotpro for Betfair Update Nov 16

There is a new version available in the members area v5.23

This fixes a number of small issues.

1. BSP bets below min error, when users in Aus set bet size to 5$ which is the min size for a BSP bet a no bet error shows saying min bet size. Fixed.
2. When loading events sometimes nothing is loaded or blank events. Fixed.
3. Creating a debug file on the tools menu does not work. Nothing is created. Fixed.
4. Min no. bets filter not working, Fixed.
5. Wierd BSP issue. When lay betting on greyhounds with BSP set, profits show as smaller profit, when the profit should be the stake of course when laying. Losers show as the stake being lost. Fixed.
6. Some winner results missing or dont update, status flags stay red. Fixed.

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