Betbotpro for Betfair Update 5

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14 April 2015
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There is a new version available in the members area.

This fixes the issue with saddle cloth numbers as well as some dutch staking tweaks.


Please be aware that betfair have been having alot of issues recently with attacks on their website which has been disrupting services. Please see the previous post regarding this.


BBP Team

6 responses on “Betbotpro for Betfair Update 5

  1. gary says:

    Hi do you think you will be incorporating half time correct scores into the bot in the future?

  2. Michael M says:

    I have downloaded this latest version ,but the fields are not being downloaded into the program .
    I got some of Saturdays’ fields but not the first hour of races or the last 3 hours of races so I redownloaded the races again and now it is not filling out the fields at all .
    I did load the last 5 races for Australia a few hours ago and I am in Australia .
    It is not the end of the world as I have no money in my Betfair account but soon I may have some free money and I would be frustrated .
    Also I have not seen yet whether the minimum bet size in Australian currency is 10 cents .

  3. Michael M says:

    The Program seems to be working correctly now so I wont worry about looking up how to take a screen shot .
    Maybe it has something to do with the time it is running as I did not have it running for the Australian Saturday races this week .
    That is I just went straight to the GB races after my dinner , I guess GB is short for Great Britain as there is no UK in the list ?
    Will the finished product have minimum bets of at least 10 cents and have the Australian dollar sign for the Australian dollar wallet ?

    • BBP Team says:

      You should already be able to use bets below minimum and the wallet should be in $ so please get the latest version first.