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4 December 2014
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Hi All

We posted this in the members area a few days ago:

Hi All
Just a note to say we are still progressing with Betbotpro for API-NG. We are about 80% there and we will post more regularly now to keep you updated.

We are not out of business and never have been, we have just hit a streak of unfortunate circumstances with our programmer and tech issues. We seem to be on the home straight now and will continue do work hard to get the situation back to normal.

We can only thank you for your patience and hope that you will be happier in the next few weeks when we can announce some updates.

Check out the attached picture to see we are getting there with development. We can now download events, filtering events is still a bit troublesome, and get prices for the markets etc. We are currently working on bet placement/bet history/bet management.

If you need a bot for Betfair in the meantime please checkout

BBP Team

Betbotpro APING

10 responses on “Betbotpro for Betfair API-NG Update

  1. kevin says:

    keep up the good work guys

  2. shane fisher says:

    hey guys will it be fixed before xmas?

  3. David says:

    Is the software going to be ready on the 12th of December? If not can we have an actual date as to when you will be finished, and the software will be ready to use again.

    • markscs says:

      Hi David
      We are close but we cannot give a date due to testing variables and betfair security checking, xmas holidays etc. We hope to be able to give you some good news soon. Meanwhile watch the blog for any further updates of progress.

  4. Jean says:

    I look forward to be able to use BBP again. I appreciate your trialing AutoTradingFox for temporary replacement, but there’s no comparison in terms of flexibility, data recording, auto shut down, etc…

  5. Frank says:

    I also look forward to using it again but better to ensure it is released late BUT stable and no bugs than prematurely with issues.

  6. Peter says:

    Hello everyone,sorry to say but I think the situation is becomming ridiculus,if the people at Betbotpro can’t fix the problems(that by the way many other betfair bot programmers have solved some time ago)they should hire somebody that can solve their problems,I understand that this might be expensive but there wil be people that will go elseware,I might be one of them.
    The only reason I have been so patient is that you Betbotpro guys have helped me quite good with my inqueries in the past or else I would have walked already.
    To be honest the above comment made about Davids mail and your answer about the xmas holidays is unbelievble,you should work 24/7 to get this sorted out,it’s not just been a few days of being offline!
    How are you thinking to make this up to the punters?

    Sorry to sound so negative,but somebody had to speak out.

  7. Monty says:

    Peter, I’m with you mate. The whole situation is utterly ridiculous. No indication of when, if ever , the bot will be up and running. How many weeks behind are we now? Unbelievably bad service. Xmas holidays are now being mentioned so it may well stretch into January – maybe beyond – who knows? It simply is not good enough. How the management let themselves get into this situation is beyond belied.

  8. David says:

    At the beginning of November you stated that the new update will take 3 – 4 weeks, Did you really mean 3 – 4 Months / Years? #betbotslow

  9. shane fisher says:

    hey guys another week has passed an update would be appreciated cheers