Betbotpro Betfair Update 27 Jan 2015

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27 January 2015
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OK so yesterday we had clearance from Betfair, yeah!

Hi ,

I’m please to let you know that BetBotPro NG has now been signed off by our security team for release.

Please let me know if you’d like to make any changes to your App Directory listing with regards to this.

Kind Regards

Betfair Developer Program

We are trying to sort out a few issues. Mainly that the bet settling time is taking to long. It is taking approx 4 mins longer than it should and so a few races are missed due to this when using unsettled bets option.

There is also a small licensing issue we need to sort, but it could be that we can release a version for testing during the next few days. We are hopeful!

All the best


BBP Team

10 responses on “Betbotpro Betfair Update 27 Jan 2015

  1. Graham Pither says:

    Hi boys is this for betting or laying or both?

    • BBP Team says:

      you can do either Graham, but not both unless you use multiple instances.

      See for trading software

  2. Ian Barnfield says:

    Hi, good news indeed. Do we download from the membership page? Also, when?

    • BBP Team says:

      We will let members know when it is available, we will let the members who have registered for beta testing know first in the forum.

  3. Manny Obasuke says:

    is you’re upgraded product available fo a free trial?

  4. David says:

    When i log in i do not see any forum in the members area to sign up for beta testing the software, I would like to sign up for the beta testing but i don’t seem to be able to?

  5. Harry says:

    Before on old betfair betbot i could have more than one bot running at a time can I still do this with new software or not??