Betbotpro API-NG Update 18 Dec 2014

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18 December 2014
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We are going to put an approx. release date of the week beginning 12th January 2015. Every effort will be made to get the app submitted and approved by then. Please continue to watch the blog and the forum for further updates.

We have discussed the situation with Betfair and they have come back with the options below.

BDP coverage will be available on all dates, apart from weekends and bank holidays. The coverage dates are as follows and support will be available 0900-1800

22-24 December

29-31 December

2nd January

The Betfair security team will be available during the same dates as those above (not bank holidays or weekends). They will also have less cover available over the Christmas period

I’ll be away from the office from the 23rd December until the 12th January, so it would be great if you could submit the app before the 23rd December to prevent any unnecessary delays.

All being well, I would expect the process to be complete by the first week of January and not later than Friday 9th January if you submit the app before Christmas.

Kind Regards,

So based on this it is difficult to see us getting the app to you guys before 2nd week Jan. It is not ideal but we have an end in site, which for all if us here at BBP will be good news and I hope to you to, even though it is later than estimated.

We hope you all have a good xmas and new year and we look forward to a new start in 2015.

BBP Team

11 responses on “Betbotpro API-NG Update 18 Dec 2014

  1. Bob Eley says:

    Hi all
    May be now would be a good time for one of the management off BBP to openly admit why it has come to this sorry mess, they hace had plenty of warning that it was going to happen, but you put your head in the sand and to all intensive purpose you let Betfair close you and us down, the viral infection excuse doesn’t stand up the time was to long, is there a money problem do you need to reconsider the way BBP is funded, please come clean and be honest.

    • markscs says:

      Hi Bob
      We have already outlined the issues due to programmer problems and technical issues. There is no other explanation.


  2. Ian Jones says:

    ‘Programmer problems’ might include family bereavement or serious illness, and, yes, it would be difficult to get a contractor in to update specialist software at short notice, but ‘technical issues’ when everyone else has managed the changes ok suggests bad product design. Are you taking this opportunity to sacrifice a smidgeon of performance to make the product easier to maintain ?

    • markscs says:

      Hi Ian
      We changed and updated some of the back end technology to newer standards, it just caused a lot more headaches than first thought and so took a lot longer.

  3. Jean says:

    Hi Mark,
    And what about the provisory replacement with ATF? My ATF extended ‘free trial’ comes to end on December 29th. What will I do then until January 12th? Please kindly propose me a viable solution, so I can continue my betting activity until BBP is ready again.
    Regards – Jean

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Mark,

    Oh dear,its all negative comments,thought I would reply with a positive,after all tis the season of goodwill!.

    I can understand of course that users are upset at the loss of Betbotpro,me included,but its not the end of the world is it!.These things happen,then have to be put right,just takes a bit of time.

    I have not lost any money since Betbotpro stopped,so that’s a positive!!.

    Anyway,all the best to you and your team for the new year,and look forward to when Betbotpro returns.

    Best regards,


  5. Paul says:

    I e-mailed support twice regarding extending my ‘free trial’ of ATF. So far no reply. I have one more day left.