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22 July 2015
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You maybe wondering why there have been no updates recently. The reason is that nothing has really changed. In May our current programmer left us in the lurch and has not been seen since. This has left us in a difficult position as the re-write of the software has halted and no new updates to the beta have been forth coming.

The current beta version has quite a few issues due to shoe horning the new api into the existing architecture.  Many of the other vendors have also had lots of bugs introduced into their existing apps and by doing so are missing out on the better functionality that is available in the new api. We will resolve this in the new re-write of the software.

There is some good news however in that we have been in discussions with a few new programmers who we hope will be able to complete the re-write of the software for API-NG. We hope this new work will be starting in a week or so. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Again we appologise for the delays in the new software. It has been a difficult year and we thank you all for your patience.

BBP Team

2 responses on “BBP Update July

  1. Michael says:

    Hooray for the New programmers Yippy Yi Yo I hope they have Good success and are quick !

  2. Graham says:

    Just experienced the problem alluded to in the post today! (Had already sent an email asking what’s going on, but hopefully some quick resolution is on the very near horizon?). The software has been very problematical for me over the last few months, and some of this might well be explained by the situations outlined above…