A Betfair outage is planned

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13 August 2015
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From Betfair:

We’ll be performing a live test of the new API splash mechanism between 0900-1000 BST on Friday the 14th August.

During this time the API will return a HTTP “503” error code for sort period of time (~ 2 minutes) as we test the splashing and reinstatement of the service.

Please accept our apologies for the temporary loss of service that will occur during the above time as a result of this test.


What is Splashing you may ask:

This refers specifically to the mechanism that we use if an API outage occurs.  We are testing this on Friday to ensure that this works as expected.  The change will mean that when the API is unavailable for planned maintenance or due to an outage, the API will respond with a HTTP 503 error instead of redirecting to the HTML page currently used by the website.

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