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What is Betbotpro?

Looking for a reliable solution to boost your betting game?

Look no further than BetBotPRO! Our fully approved software connects directly to the Betfair or Betdaq servers, running on your computer to provide a seamless betting experience. With the ability to load events from a range of popular sports, including Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Snooker and more, our bot will move sequentially through each event based on your selections and criteria.

But what sets BetBotPRO apart is its ability to place bets only when the odds, number of runners, and other key criteria meet your pre-set ranges. No more wasted bets on less-than-optimal conditions. Plus, if a selection doesn't meet your criteria, the software will simply move on to the next race, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal risk. Sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself why BetBotPRO is the ultimate betting solution.


Simulation or Live Modes

You can choose to test with the simulator option or use real money live bets.


Fully Betfair Security Approved

Betbotpro has been rigourously tested by the Betfair API Team for security and compatibility.


Powerful Staking Plans Built-in

Choose one of the many staking plans available for backing or laying.


Fully Betdaq Security Approved

Betbotpro has been fully tested by the Betdaq API Team for security and compatibility.


Powerful Strategies Built in

Select options like saddlecloth numbers, trap sequences, last winning trap, favourites

Automated Bet Placement

Automatically place Back or Lay bets on selections in Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Soccer, Tennis and many more sports markets.

Simulation Mode

Allows you to learn the software and test strategies without using real money. See if your selections win or lose and if you would have made a profit or loss. Change to Live Mode when ready.

Auto & Manual Selections

Choose a favourite or multiple favourites, your own manual selections, import selections plus selections based on other criteria like trap or saddlecloth numbers.

Min-Max Ranges Filters

Only executes a bet if the selections parameters are with in your specified limits in settings. Like odds ranges & number of runners in the race

Time to Bet

Place bets 1 sec to hours before the event or race, after the published race time or on market staus updates like going down, going behind, parading.

Quick Results

Get race results quickly and see your profit and loss immediatley. See the winner or placed horses or greyhounds and teams.

Staking Plans

Quickly calculates the next stake based on level stakes, % bank, Fixed liability, Maria Lay,Fibonacci, Target profit, Profit per race, Retirement, De' Lambert plus many more.

Stop Loss Conditions

Allows you to stop the software from continuing when a loss amount has been reached. Stop at a set number of losses or continuous losses and a trailing stop.

Stop at a Profit Conditions

Allows you to stop the software once a set profit amount has been reached, number of winners, consecutive winners or bank % increase.

Built in Strategies

Choose a trap or saddlecloth number, trap sequences, last winning trap, combination of favourites or ordered selections.

Unsettled Races Filter

Only continue if the last result is known, or number of unsettled races is less than what you set.

Export & Import Systems

Export and save your systems to a file. Import previously saved systems for quick setup.

Import & Export Selections

Import & export horse and greyhounds Selections from/to a file.

Run Multiple Systems

Run multiple systems in one instance of the software like a horse racing system plus a greyhound system. 

Run Multiple Instances

Start new instances of the software, all running different systems. Very powerful option for running a portfolio of systems for diversification.

Export Results

Export your days results to Excel or csv to analyse later and keep records.


Load races and events at a specified time and auto start, shutdown PC or reset when profit target hit,


Create and send selections to customers who can then import the selections for the days races via a text or csv file.

Yearly License

EUR per year
  • 1 PC (2PC available)
  • 1 Year full use
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Systems
  • Multiple Instances
  • 1 Year Email support

Lifetime License

EUR one off payment
  • 1 PC (2PC available)
  • Lifetime Use
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Systems
  • Multiple Instances
  • Lifetime Email support


Email: support @ betbotpro.com

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